There are so many different great choices for those that want to buy a home. Some people choose to take advantage of being along Lake Ontario and get that high-rise condo with a view of the waterfront. Others find a way to combine a cozy family home with city life in neighbourhoods like the Annex and West Toronto. No matter what lifestyle you want to live here, there is a condominium around downtown to suit you and one that is in your price range. Sponsor: Braids and Laces Limited, arbour supply and climbing rope

When you're looking at the condos available in most cities, you will likely quickly notice that there are some neighbourhoods that are more prone to having this style of real estate than others. You will discover the the bulk of the brilliant new condo developments on offer are in popular districts like downtown or the Waterfront. Each of these neighbourhoods has a personality and pros and cons of of its own. Before you start seriously looking for a downtown condo, you should explore the different district choices and see which one fits best within your life.

Some people think that when you're buying a condo that it is always going to be in a high-rise building and be in a modern style. While there are many units like this throughout Toronto for those that love this design, there are also several other choices out there. People are able to buy condos that are townhouses and there are even some that are single-family homes. A condo is defined by the fact that there is land collectively owned between all of the members of the complex, not by the home's style. You can find some that are converted lofts and others that have that sleek look that is perfect for a bachelor that likes to entertain.

When you're thinking about buying a condo and trying to decide what you can afford, you should remember that this style of home comes with paying monthly condo fees. This will usually mean that you'll have less money to put towards your mortgage payments. When you're considering different buildings with varying condo fees, you should think about how much you're going to take advantage of the amenities that they include. If you're someone who doesn't go to the gym or entertain much, then there are likely some features that you can do without that others are more willing to pay for. Remember, there are so many condos available so that there is sure to be one that fits your wants and needs. You don't need to pay for amenities that do not appeal to you and might be able to get more than you thought you could with your home purchase.

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