If you're in the market for a home where your kids can have a swing outside or where you can relax on the porch with some friends on weekends then you are probably skipping over all of the choices when it comes to condos available in the area. But, you could also not be ready yet financially to be able to live in a standalone home in due to the cost of these properties in general. This is when you might want to see what living in a townhome has to offer.

A townhome is a property where you share one or two of the sides with another homeowner. They are sometimes called row houses and are popular in urban areas throughout North America. When you're looking at townhouses on the market you will see that they are usually right in the middle of smaller downtown condos and single-family homes in the area when it comes to price. Some people think of this home style as a transition property while others view it as the perfect marriage between the two extremes in homes.

Those that want to know if they might be able to see themselves in a townhouse should start by concentrating on the layout of the property. You will find with most townhomes that they are arranged more vertically then they are horizontally in an effort to make the most of the plot of land that they are on. The average townhouse is at least two floors and can be as high as five or even six floors. This might mean that some of the living areas are split up or that you're living in a townhome with bedrooms on a couple of different levels.

There are lots of townhouses that come in different styles and you are sure to find one on the market that fits your aesthetic tastes. And if you're someone who is interested in being a part of a condo community without living in a unit of a high-rise building then you might even find some townhomes for sale that are condos rather than freehold properties. This is definitely a home option that every new homebuyer should consider and is perfect for those that want a downtown home with a little bit of attached land.

Doug Thompson is Texas Hill Country Real Estate

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