Like many cities around the world, one of the corner stones for a strong and vibrant community is solid post secondary institutions. For any one living in London Ontario, or planning to make the move, the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College are those two pillars of education. Since 1878 and 1962 respectively, these educational facilities have provided the people of London with a bright and strong future in rich and diverse fields, from 3rd World humanitarians to class action lawyers.

For the near 30,000 students attending Western, education comes at a premium quality. Consistently ranked within the top 3 Canadian universities, Western garners a reputation usually reserved for the finest bred equestrian London Ontario horses. With over 200 various degrees and diplomas offered, students have a wide range of choices for their education. From arts and music to engineering and health sciences, students are guaranteed one of the finest educations offered in the whole country.

In regards to engineering, there are 11 different disciplines for students to study, allowing them to specialize in the field of their choice. These programs include chemical, civil, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, just to name a few. For those wishing to start a career at a animal hospital, you may have to look at the University of Guelph for your education, as unfortunately Western does not offer any veterinary courses. However, the Health Sciences faculty at Western will give those looking to aid patients of the human persuasion. There is of course much, much more available for students looking to attend Western, so see if there's something there for you.

There is a wide range of housing available to Western students as well, which is great news for anyone thinking of relocating to London for school. Though they may not have the style, the on campus housing is perfect for anyone looking for that time-of-your-life university experience, right down to Greek style sorority housing. Students can also join any of the 175 student groups for extra curricular experience, ranging from politics to theatre.

London's other pre-eminent post secondary institution is Fanshawe College, which offers over 100 full time programs, including a Continuing Education program in which students learn the skills necessary to succeed in fields such as automotive repair, information technology, and teaching. The Building Technology course is ideal for anyone wanting to start a career as an Ontario architect or a construction engineering technician. Fanshawe serves as a center for practical, real world training for those looking to start a career right out of college, offering apprenticeships in several of their courses, giving students the chance for hands on experience in the field of their choice.

Whether you seek a higher education or simply practical career training in the London area, Western and Fanshawe have you covered. With almost 300 programs and 100,000 full and part time students between the two schools, there is a wealth of knowledge to be earned for those who seek it out.

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