So you have come to notice a few things around your home might be getting a bit old or outdated, maybe some work done by a repair man hasn't quite held up in one spot and you find yourself curious about the extent of the damage done by shoddy work.

Tips to prevent mold growth

Perhaps you have experienced floods in your home in the past and have come to worry about the possibility of mold growing in the walls or ceiling. You could even be concerned that a leaky roof has caused mold to start growing in the rafters. Whatever your concern, having a home inspection done is never a bad idea, as you will either have little to no problems that need to be fixed, or find out that your suspicions were indeed true and a few big repairs are needed. Thankfully, you won't be blindsided in a few years by a sudden discovery of these flaws in a few years, should you decide to sell or part of the roof caves in from water damage.

Having a qualified house inspector (see website) check your home for damage, shoddy repairs, or mold can save you quite a bit of money if the damage is found early. The beginnings of mold growing is much better to uncover than a giant bloom of it coming through the walls down the road, sure it might seem to be a hassle to have someone come in but, you will never find yourself regretting the news of a mold free home. When it comes to the safety of your family, there's no putting a price on confirming that there aren't any harmful spores floating around, waiting to get your loved ones sick and possibly cause long term health problems.

Taking proper care of your home and property will ensure that your house or condo will maintain value and sell quickly, should the day come that you wish to head to a new place. Whether you're upgrading or downsizing, proper home care means a happier home owner in the long run and a better life in your new or current home.

Doug Thompson is Texas Hill Country Real Estate

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