Whether you're planning on moving here to the state of Texas or on choosing a home for sale elsewhere, you probably have a few misconceptions about what your life is going to be like in the future. We can help you dispel some of the myths you may have bought into surrounding your new home - especially when it comes to real estate choices. So when you move to Texas, keep in mind that the following types of real estate are only some of the options you will have.


Living on a farm isn't something you can easily imagine when you live in real estate in Toronto, but when you move to Texas you can make it a reality if you so choose. Texas is a state of wide open plains and fertile land, with large swaths of it untouched by urban development. Farming and cattle ranching are two of traditional economic sectors to this day. Can you see yourself living in a quaint old farmhouse with a smattering of outbuildings and a whole lot of land?

Suburban Houses

Texas may have roots in farming, but it's also a part of today's reality, meaning there are plenty of places where you can settle down in a quiet neighborhood and raise kids if that's what you want. You can buy that four bedroom, three bath McMansion with the grassy fenced in lawn that you left behind when you put up your house for sale if that's what you want. So think about it - is that what you want?

Condos and Apartments

Many Texans know all about urban living, because they've got several large cities and quite a few small and medium ones too. That real estate that was too expensive for you can become cheap enough to buy if you set your condo sights on Texas instead. There are plenty of condo and apartment complexes with all the modern amenities. Do you want to live on the cutting edge?

Attached and Row Houses

In a place with both country and city, there can be no surprise that there's also something in between. In places where space is tight but not at a premium, you'll find some row houses. These units are just like regular houses, albeit sharing two walls with the neighbors on either side. Do you want to live in a cozy little row house?

Mobile Homes

Not everyone can afford to buy suburban real estate, but in Texas, you can still own your own home anyway. You can buy a mobile home. There are mobile home parks all over the state, and if you find you don't like the one you're in, you can pick up your house and move. Do you want that kind of freedom?

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